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TBC is introducing Green Gold to the African farming industry because it wholeheartedly believes in this uniquely natural product. It is the ultimate solution to much that is required to dramatically improve productivity, farming circumstance and unemployment in Sub-tropical and Tropical Africa.

Over the past seven years we have intensively researched the possibility of growing 'Giant Bamboo' in Africa. We have taken into consideration the unique nature of each geographic area, the skills levels and the objectives of the local farmers and communities.

Fueled by our worldwide research and studies, it is clear the benefits of Bamboo are boundless.

If you are interested in farming bamboo, or investing, or becoming otherwise involved in these incredibly gratifying and proven projects, please contact us.

These projects are revolutionary, give priority to the planet and communities, while still producing profit.

 Green Gold
1) The drought resistant sympodial Bamboo species that we have chosen, has the following attributes;

It uses less water than   vineyards.
unlike alien trees this bamboo uses only surface water.
It is not season dependant.
2) It could create opportunities for multinationals to obtain Kyoto offset credits for their CO2 emissions, through their acquisition of sequester rights.

These rights would be in accordance with the relevant UN / Government agencies, under existing or future legislated requirements, as determined by the Kyoto Protocol.
3) Over 2.2 billion people around the world rely on bamboo (with thousands of by-products) as a source of income.
4) Millions of people worldwide live in homes made from bamboo.
5) In Australia, the estimated planting of 50ha would provide an annual gross farm-gate gross income of Aus $ 2 million from a mature plantation.
'There is nothing more powerful than a positive idea whose time has come'
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